Refer & Earn 10% for lifetime!

Just tell your friend(s) to write down the referral code (referral code is your email ID- any valid email ID) in the Coupon/Referral Code of the Cashback form and get 10% of their cashback for life time. For the first time, you will receive 10% of Cashback or flat Rs.50, whichever is higher. So, you’re are bound to receive Rs.50 anyhow at the first time!

And if the referred person continues to purchase products via Cashnom, subsequently you will start receiving 10% of his/her Cashback for lifteime.


How it works?

1. You don’t need to be a customer of Cashnom. However, if you are , then it’s great!

2.  Once your friends/relatives make their first purchase through Cashnom, just ask them to write your referral code while filling the cashback form at Cashnom.

3. If your friends  successfully purchase any product(s) via Cashnom, we will give  10% of his/her cashback to you as a reward.

Note: The person purchasing the product will get the full cashback. We would not deduct 10% from his/her cashback. The cashback which would be paid to you is just as a reward from Cashnom. The original buyer would not be affected anyhow.

4.  All done! We will send the payment to you after validation.

Refer as many friends :

You could refer as many friends you want from your single referral code, subject to the condition, your friends should be the new customers of Cashnom.

You don’t need to tell your friends all the time to put your referral code whenever they make any purchase via Cashnom. This is to be done only for the first time, whenever your friends purchase any product via us.

Our system would deduct you as the sender, and consequently, you will be rewarded for life time, if your friends continue to purchase product via Cashnom.


  1. Will you really reward me?

Ans: 100% ! We’re presently paying tons of users like you who’re continuously referring friends/relatives to Cashnom

     2. When and how will you pay?

Ans: We don’t pay to the buyers for 20 days because there is a chance of return/replacement. Customers are generally paid after 20 days . Once we send payment to the referred person, you will also receive the payment(reward) on the same day itself. We will contact you through your mail ID.

Presently, we are offering 3 modes of payment: NEFT, UPI, Wallet Transfer(Paytm)

     3. Do you have any bonus plans?

Ans: Yes, once we starting seeing more referrals from your end, we will activate tier bonus plan for you. So, instead of 10%, you will start receiving 20% of your friend’s cashback.

   4. Do I need to tell my friends all time to put my referral code while filling the cashback form?

Ans: No, this is to be done only for the first time. Our system would automatically recognize you as the initiator of referral and we would reward you subsequently.

Terms & Conditions*

*Your friend should be the new customer of Cashnom.

*We will verify each sale precisely and manually to eradicate any false attempts.

*If the referral would not be legit, and if we detect any kind of false attempts, then we reserve the right to dismiss the referral program for the concerned person.

*Payment would only be made to you, if your friends successfully purchase any product via Cashnom. In the event of any dispute, Cashnom’s decision will be final. Cashnom reserves the right to extend, cancel or amend this program at any time.

*We (here, Cashnom) could make any change(s) without any prior notice. It would be your responsibility to keep looking this page from time to time.